My Current Projects for 2018

In no particular order, a bit of a 'verbal vomit' of all the projects I've committed to going into 2018! If you're interested in getting involved or chatting about any of these projects don't ever hesitate to reach out! 

In no particular order: 

Raincity Athletics 

- Owner, Program Director, Head Coach, Lead Administrator
- I have rebuilt our staff and business model to focus on revenue splits allowing my coaches here to grow and flourish their own businesses while myself and my administrative team focus on taking care of the back end headaches

- Allows my team more flexibility in growing their own business, without all the headaches
- Allows me to be more hands off in day to day operations, and focus on growing my other projects as well 


Functional Fitness League 

- Owner, and everything else...
- Currently working on expanding into new regions including Kelowna, Victoria, Toronto and Calgary
- Exploring potential options for everything from franchising growth to continuing in house management and assessing the pros and cons of each as we expand 


Raincity Fit Club

- Head Coach & Facility Host
- Working alongside 'Skills 2 Play' as a registered service provider for kids with special needs
- Brining the benefits of fitness to kids of all mental and physical abilities

- Having done a lot of work with Special Olympics Canada and others I was reminded of all the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally (and loved watching the kids at special O reap these benefits) 
- So I worked with a client (owner of Skills 2 Play who works with these kids and commonly brought them in for our special olympics events) in house to begin discussing the idea of small private group classes to bring this benefit to special needs kids


The Canadian Functional Fitness Federation

- On the board of domestic development to help legitimize the sport of 'Functional Fitness'
- working towards legitimizing & standardizing everything to do with the sport from competitions, to movements, and everything in between with the goal of one day having it eligible to be in the olympics


CF24 // Motionball // Special Olympics Canada

- Assist in organization & management of CF24 fundraiser each year to help raise funds for Special Olympics Canada
- Having taken part and helped behind the scenes for over 4 years with this event, I will be moving into a more prominent position to help organize & manage the event across Canada


Small Business Consultation Work 

- Working with multiple other small businesses to help them with anything from getting setup (website, email, etc setup) to streamlining their systems and processes
- Available on monthly retainers or hourly wage depending on the companies goals

Brands I Work With 

RYU Ambassador -
Endur Apparel -